ACU engages kids from homeless families

ACU is launching a report today which calls for more "engagement" with children and young people who are accompanying their parents during periods of homelessness.

According to a media statement, the report provides a unique perspective on children's experiences of homelessness prepared by an ACU Institute of Child Protection Studies research team, commissioned by the ACT Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services.

Finding their way home: Children's Experiences of Homelessness presents the experiences and thoughts of 25 children and young people.

ACU National academic Mr Tim Moore was part of the team of researchers who undertook the project which explored how children experience, perceive and are affected by their family's homelessness.

Unlike most previous studies focusing on family homelessness, the statement says, researchers worked directly with children and took a "child-centred approach" to the research.

"The research indicated that homelessness does significantly impact on children but that this is often mitigated by the family's ability to cope during these difficult periods," said Mr Moore.

"It also stressed the importance of engaging children and young people and ensuring that their needs are met when providing services for their families."

The study also found that the effects of homelessness on children often persist beyond the periods of homelessness.

It says much of the fear and distress of homelessness for the young person is the insecure and sometimes unsafe nature of their temporary housing.

Photo source: Finding their way home, page 36

ACU National research team shed light on children's experiences of homelessness (ACU National, 19/7/07)

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20 Jul 2007