Offensive bits in Latin Mass could be dropped, Bertone says

Answering concerns from Jewish groups over a prayer for the conversion of the Jews in the Latin Mass, the Holy See Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone says that the "problem can be resolved".

The International Herald Tribune reports that a prayer in the recently revived Latin Mass that has drawn protests from Jewish groups could be dropped from the rite, he told a news conference yesterday.

Earlier this month, Pope Benedict XVI removed restrictions on celebrating the old Latin Mass, reviving a rite that was all but swept away by the liberalizing reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

Jewish organisations expressed dismay that the rite retains a prayer on Good Friday calling for the conversions of the Jews.

Bertone, meeting with reporters in the Italian Dolomite mountains where the pope is vacationing, was asked whether the prayer went against Pope John Paul II's assertion that the Jews were "older brothers in the faith" to Catholics. He suggested there was no intention to go against that spirit.

Pope is not anti-Christ, Anglican bishop confirms

Meanwhile, reacting to the a Vatican document released within days of the pope's Latin Mass directive which restated the Catholic position on the one true church, Sydney Anglican Bishop Robert Forsyth says, "Don't worry, the pope is just being the pope".

Speaking to the ABC's Religion Report, the bishop said: "my response was that the Pope is a Catholic, he is merely reaffirming Catholic doctrine. This has been said for 400 years."

"I don't believe what he said is true," Bishop Forsyth added, "I am grieved to hear it at one level, but another, why should I be surprised to hear the pope declaring Roman Catholic doctrine?"

"The Pope is a Catholic," he confirms, "not the anti-Christ."

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19 Jul 2007