Academics to probe teacher bullying

Academics from the University of New England and Australian Catholic University, who previously found 97.5 per cent of Catholic schoolteachers had experienced bullying in the workplace, are expanding their research in a nationwide survey to help curb the problem.

The University of New England launched the online survey in late June and will take responses until 1 October, News.com.au reports.

UNE professional studies lecturer Dan Riley (pictured) leads the study and is working in collaboration with Professor Deirdre Duncan of Australian Catholic University.

The two have previously published results from a 2005 pilot survey of 200 Catholic schoolteachers. The survey showed teachers had been bullied most often by school executives, then parents, and followed by principals.

"While most of the situations experienced were at the lower levels of seriousness, including attempts to undermine or belittle a teacher's work or criticism in front of colleagues, they were serious enough to affect the mental or physical health of some of the respondents," Dr Riley said.

"It's a bit frightening - we didn't actually expect to find what we did."

Participating teachers will have their anonymity and confidentiality preserved, the UNE designer of the website said.

The findings of the survey are expected to be published by late December.

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18 Jul 2007