Party over for shooting victim

Former Catholic high school student turned party girl, Kara Douglas, is still in critical condition having lost a kidney in Monday's multiple shooting in Melbourne.

Douglas, 24, from Malvern East, who lives with her close Catholic family, went to Avila College, in Melbourne's south-east, before moving to Glen Eira Secondary College, The Age reports.

According to the paper Ms Douglas who was one of three people shot, including lawyer Brendan Keilar who died of his injuries.

Ms Douglas portrays herself in porn-girl poses on her MySpace site, the paper says.

She and pop star Holly Valance are stablemates with a modelling agency, CMD.

According to the paper, Ms Douglas has skirted the edges of Melbourne's celebrity underworld, having worked as a "door girl" at a Crown casino cafe and as a hostess at the Telstra Dome gym 180 Fitness.

However, she has now lost a kidney and is battling to survive critical injuries sustained when she was allegedly shot by Christopher Hudson — her bikie friend and, it appears, her lover — on the corner of Flinders Lane and William Street early on Monday morning.

Party girls' world collided with violence (The Age, 20/6/07)

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20 Jun 2007