Janitor jailed over Scottish church murder

A British man has been jailed for the rape and murder of a Polish student at a Glasgow Catholic Church whose parish priest also admitted to a sexual relationship with the victim.

International Herald Tribune reports that Peter Tobin, 60, a former church handyman and convicted sex offender was sentenced to 21 years in prison on Friday for the rape and murder of Angelika Kluk.

Her body was dumped under a trap door at St Patrick's Catholic Church in Glasgow in September last year.

"What you did to Angelika Kluk was inhuman," the judge, Lord Menzies, told Tobin. "You are, in my view, an evil man."

The victim's sister, Aneta Kluk, shouted her thanks to the jury as they left the courtroom at the end of a six-week trial that gripped Scotland.

In a statement released by Strathclyde Police, Aneta Kluk said her family was pleased with the decision.

"My father and I are relieved that the man responsible for Angelika's death is now likely to spend the rest of his days behind bars," the statement said.

Tobin befriended Kluk, 23, who was spending the summer at the church working as a cleaner, before she was due to return to her studies at the University of Gdansk.

Meanwhile, Scotland on Sunday reports that the conduct of parish priest, Fr Gerry Nugent, who claimed to have had sex with Angelika, is also under fire.

The Scottish Church has admitted that Fr Nugent earlier underwent counselling for a sexual indiscretion - blamed on an alcohol problem - with a parishioner 14 years ago.

But the full extent of Nugent's shocking behaviour emerged in a newspaper interview on the weekend in which he admitted picking up prostitutes and bringing them back to his church for "sexual fumblings".

In the interview, Nugent claimed to have had a series of sexual liaisons with parishioners, some of them married. And he repeated the court claim that he had had sex with Angelika but that it was "only once".

He said: "Yes, there were times when I used prostitutes. God, it was about November 2005 when I was back drinking. I was on a real low at the time.

"I took prostitutes back to the church on two separate occasions. It was because I was drinking. I didn't know what I wanted. I didn't even have sex with them. It was more of a sexual fumble."

Nugent, who claims he had sex with Angelika Kluk, added: "Angela [his name for her] was very fond of me. She was infatuated with me and it was a nice feeling.

"I take responsibility for it too. I felt she saw me as a father figure. She trusted me and everything I was doing. She admired me. Angela was no slut. I am weak and we had intimacy three or four times but we had sexual intercourse only once, as far as I can remember."

Nugent alleged that Archbishop Conti's predecessor, the late Cardinal Winning, knew about his weakness for women and offered his support.

The Church has reacted to the scandal by effectively sacking him and attempting to make sure he never works anywhere else as a priest.

But questions are still being asked about how the Church could have allowed Peter Tobin be employed even though he had a conviction for the serious sexual assault of two teenagers, Scotland on Sunday concludes.

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7 May 2007