Bishops concerned over Sweden becoming "abortion paradise"

Stockholm's Catholic Archbishop Anders Arborelius has launched an appeal to the government not to make Sweden an "abortion paradise" following a proposal to open the Nordic country's hospitals to women from countries with tighter abortion restrictions.

Zenit reports that last week, Bishop Arborelius and the leader of the Swedish Pentecostal church, Sten-Gunnar Hedin, wrote an article in the country's largest daily paper decrying the move.

Goran Hagglund, of the Christian Democratic Party, has backed the proposal to open Swedish health-care facilities to women from countries where abortion restrictions are tighter.

"We see ourselves obliged to recommend our Christian voters not to vote for the Alliance in the next elections in 2010," the bishop and Pentecostal leader wrote. "As Christians it is our duty to defend the inviolability of human life."

The Christian leaders continued: "As Christians we are deeply worried that the Swedish government is preparing a new bill in which foreign women are given the possibility to come here and have late abortions done.

"As Christians we want to appeal to the Minister of Health and Social Affairs not to make Sweden an abortion paradise.

"We ask instead to have a policy asking our rich country, Sweden, to do more for the women who need help to bear their children, both in our own country and abroad," the leaders concluded.

Swedes Forewarn of "Abortion Paradise" (Zenit, 6/3/07)

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Archbishop Anders Arborelius (Catholic Hierarchy)

6 Mar 2007