Canadian bishop attacks mobile porn

Archbishop Raymond Roussin of Vancouver, Canada, will direct Catholic institutions to terminate their contracts with a mobile phone company which has introduced a service offering pornographic photos and videos available through its network.

Catholic News Agency reports that Canada's second-largest wireless provider introduced the service in January. The photos and videos range from $3 to $4 each.

"Given the increasing awareness about the problem of sexual addiction to pornography through internet access, and the abuse that this perpetuates on vulnerable persons, Telus's decision is disappointing and disturbing," the archbishop told the BC Catholic newspaper.

The BC Catholic reports the archbishop plans to raise his concerns with parishes and schools throughout the archdiocese and will direct Catholic institutions to terminate their contracts with Telus Mobility.

Telus spokesman Jim Johannsson told Canadian Press that the company is neither breaking the law nor is it providing something that has not been available on cell phones for some time.

Johannsson said the material available for download is not considered obscene under Canadian law. He admitted that the company has been received a growing number of complaints about the new service.

Meritas Mutual Funds, a fund which aims at socially responsible holdings, and which has Telus shares in its portfolio, has said the company's new business decision is disappointing.

"We're disappointed that a company that is seen in many respects as an excellent company ... is making a decision that certainly moves them down a notch within their industry," said Meritas CEO Gary Hawton.

Vancouver archbishop attacks cell phone porn campaign (Catholic News Agency, 12/2/07)

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13 Feb 2007