"Pancakes for poverty" on menu today

Bunbury Bishop Gerard Holohan has launched this year's Project Compassion appeal in his diocese with a traditional pancake breakfast while the Melbourne archdiocese is inviting Australians "to reflect upon how our relatively affluent lifestyle impacts on the world's poor".

The pancake breakfast is part of Project Compassion's Shrove Tuesday "pancake for poverty" fundraising initiative for Caritas Australia.

In his homily, Bishop Holohan encouraged people to give with compassion during the Lenten season.

Money raised through Project Compassion will assist Caritas to work in partnership with communities who are improving their own lives through projects which focus on education, health, water and agriculture.

In 2006, $8.4 million was raised, making it the largest fundraising event for aid and development in Australia.

The theme for this year's Project Compassion is "Fair play today", inspired by Pope Paul VI's encyclical Populorum Progressio (On the Development of Peoples), released 40 years ago.

Meanwhile, a report in Melbourne's Kairos notes that 2007 also "marks the half-way point for the Millennium Development Goals" - world development goals adopted by the United Nations to be met by 2015."

This begs the question, Kairos says: "How are we going in the redistribution of wealth (only 1 per cent of the world's wealth) to those living in extreme poverty?"

Melbourne Project Compassion coordinator Margaret Fyfe also explains the relevance of Populorum Progressio today "cannot be understated."

She says Project Compassion provides Catholics with an opportunity to engage in eradicating poverty and to play a role in empowering people to be, quoting the words of Paul VI, "architects of their own progress."

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20 Feb 2007