Christian schools cry poor

A body representing Christian schools has told a government enquiry into funding for private schools that it is unfair for Catholic schools to receive more money than Christian schools.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that low-fee Christian schools have made a submission asking for the same level of Federal Government funding given to Catholic schools.

The paper says that Senator Kerry Nettle obtained a copy of the submission under freedom of information laws because the Government's inquiry into how it will distribute an estimated $27.6 billion to private schools, during the next four-year funding cycle from 2009, is being run behind closed doors.

The submission says that Christian schools, which have risen in number from 151 in 1991 to 253, are seeking to be as affordable as Catholic schools.

According to the submission Christian school fees are higher on average than those charged in Catholic schools, even though the parents of the Catholic students are richer.

Apart from requesting that its funding levels are raised to match the level of Catholic schools, the submission recommends that all independent schools receive funding levels above their entitlements under the Government's formula based on the socio-economic status of their families.

Senator Nettle estimates that the call from Christian Schools Australia to raise funding for all independent schools would cost taxpayers an extra $2 billion in the next funding cycle.

Christian school call for funds (Sydney Morning Herald, 30/11/06)

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1 Dec 2006