Christianity not driver in cloning vote: Garrett

Religion was not a factor in Peter Garrett's opposition to the recently voted stem cell cloning bill, the Labor Environment spokesman said, with Christianity being a part of his make-up rather than his being driven by it.

Mr Garrett, a committed Christian, said he did not feel comfortable with what the bill now allowed scientists to do, according to the ABC's 7.30 Report.

"I wasn't convinced that the true benefits that were being put up by people at that time to advance the legislation were actually the kind of benefits that we were going to see," Mr Garrett told the program.

"I wasn't opposed to stem cell research generally. I think there are, obviously, great prospects for people to be cured from diseases in the long term, particularly from adult stem cell research.

"But this idea that we were just going to create clones, create a bit of life and then destroy it in order to get something which we hadn't actually got to now, I didn't feel entirely comfortable with," he said.

Asked how important religion was to him, Mr Garrett said: "As important as it is for any member of parliament or any member of the community".

"It informs your thinking and your behaviour and your action, but I am not a card-carrying sort of person who jumps in and out of church every weekend.

"It's a part of the make-up of somebody. I'm not driven by it," he said.

God didn't sway stem cell vote: Garrett (Sydney Morning Herald, 19/12/06)

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19 Dec 2006