Vatican officials mull TomKat wedding conundrum

Vatican officials appear to be in a quandary over whether to authorise a Catholic ceremony for Catholic-born actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who also plan to hold a Scientology ceremony the day after their wedding next week.

The Australian reports that the 44-year-old Cruise, a prominent Scientologist, who is divorced from Nicole Kidman, will marry Holmes, 27, at a medieval castle overlooking Lake Bracciano, north of Rome.

After a pre-wedding party with other Hollywood celebrities on 16 November, a Catholic wedding ceremony is planned for 17 November.

A "final ritual" is planned for the next day, to be conducted by members of the Church of Scientology.

It was partly Cruise's support for Scientology that got him dropped by Paramount Studios in August, the Australian says, which is why some feel that a wedding ceremony in the heart of Catholicism would further help the actor to restore his image.

Cruise has recently been appointed by MGM to help to relaunch the United Artists studio.

One Vatican official said that if the priest conducting the ceremony thought Catholic rites would be beneficial, he could overlook the fact that there would be a Scientology ceremony the next day.

The Times quoted other Vatican sources as saying that Cruise's divorce, and his belief in Scientology, could prove an obstacle to a Catholic ceremony.

However, Cruise's earlier marriage to Nicole Kidman did not take place according to Catholic rites and was therefore no obstacle to Kidman's recent Catholic wedding to Keith Urban.

Mission improbable for Vatican (The Australian/Times 9/11/06)

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10 Nov 2006