Pell in last minute appeal against cloning vote

Gearing up for a last minute bid to defeat the stem cell bill to be debated by the House of Representatives this week, Sydney Cardinal George Pell has pleaded against a decision that would "waste government money on unproductive research".

Cardinal Pell made his comments in the Sunday Telegraph ahead of a vote in the House of Representatives on controversial laws that allow the creation of cloned embryos for stem cell research.

The laws are expected to be passed by Federal Parliament as early as Thursday, the Australian reports.

West Australian Liberal MP Mal Washer, a medical doctor who has become a passionate advocate for stem cell research, will introduce the private member's bill to the House of Representatives.

"I am expecting the bill to pass, but I do think the vote will be tight," Mr Washer said.

But Cardinal Pell says that "if the House of Representatives repeats the mistake narrowly made in the Senate, we shall be pushed further and faster down a slippery slope.

"Ignorance and confusion abound on these matters, but principles of long-term importance are being broken and new movable standards are being erected temporarily to be further 'improved' in the years ahead," he said.

"Few Australians would know that the bill proposes to legalise the manufacture of cloned embryos with only one genetic parent; hybrid embryos with multiple genetic parents, and embryos whose mother is an aborted girl foetus.

"Scientists propose to use the immature eggs (precursor cells) from aborted baby girls to create human embryos for experimentation and destruction."

Despite the claims of researchers, "human embryonic stem cells have produced none of the cures foreshadowed," Cardinal Pell said.

"There is no evidence of medical breakthroughs which might justify the Federal Parliament in removing the protective barriers erected in 2002.

"Therefore [Parliamentarians] should: preserve the present legal protections on human life; not waste government money on unproductive research, and be clear about what they are permitting now and preparing for in the future," Cardinal Pell concluded.

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27 Nov 2006