Emmett mourners look on bright side

In death, Belinda Emmett taught us "the greatest lesson of her life", Catholic priest Fr Peter Clifford told mourners at the singer and soap star's Friday funeral service which included the Monty Python song, "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life."

"That message is a very simple one," Fr Clifford said, according to a Daily Telegraph report, "... later or sooner we will all lie as Belle lies at this moment."

"It doesn't matter how well your series is rating. It doesn't matter how much influence you've got. It doesn't matter how much money you've got. One day we will lie as Belle lies."

Long-time family priest Father Jim McKeon spoke of the couple's meeting seven years ago and told husband Rove McManus and Emmett's families not to let their hearts be troubled by her death, the Telegraph adds.

Fr McKeon said it may seem too early to say such a thing but it was important to realise she was no longer suffering.

Even in death, Emmett's humour was on show at the service through to her choice of farewell song.

Father McKeon told mourners there was no disrespect intended as the song Always Look On The Bright Side of Life from the Monty Python movie Life Of Brian, was played as McManus and her father helped carry her casket from the church for the final time.

'I thank her for every blessed moment', husband Rove McManus said in words quoted by Fr Clifford.

"Not many people get to meet their soul mate. Not many people get to have a love that can withstand just about anything," Rove said, according to the Age.

"Not many people find that one person in whom they see the completion in themselves.

"I had that with Belle (Belinda).

"She and I truly shared something unique, and I thank her for every blessed moment I got to have with her.

"I don't know what I did to be given the gift of Belinda Emmett, but whatever it was, I am glad I did it.

"It allowed me the opportunity of sharing laughter and tears with my best friend for seven unforgettable years."

Last year the couple had been married in the same Mary Immmaculate Church in which the 32 year old star's funeral was held on Friday.

The singer and actress died the previous weekend after a long battle with cancer.

Rove McManus stepped from Mary Immaculate Church as a beaming newlywed proudly clutching his young wife's hand.

Heartbroken, but stoic, the drawn-looking television personality was engulfed by a sea of hugs from family and friends on the church's forecourt as he waited for Belinda Emmett's hearse to depart for a private cremation.

Too upset to speak at the service, McManus had asked others to pay tribute to his beloved late wife, who was known as Belle by those closest to her.

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20 Nov 2006