Stay faithful, Nic hints at husband

In Rome at the weekend for the world premiere of her latest movie, Catholic film star Nicole Kidman told reporters that she has "pretty strict ideas about sexual fidelity".

In an interview following the screening of the movie "Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus", Kidman said "there are so many ways you can view fidelity."

But in what some may see as a warning to her new husband, country rocker Keith Urban, Kidman also said "I have pretty strict ideas about sexual fidelity in terms of myself and the person I am with."

Before her June wedding, Kidman's engagement to Urban was feared to be rocky over concerns that her former cocaine-addicted, alcoholic and womanising fiance might drift back into old habits, the Sunday Herald reports.

Kidman was previously divorced from actor Tom Cruise. Since this marriage was not recognised by the Church, she was able to remarry Urban in the Church. Kidman and Urban married at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in Sydney's Manly in June.

The couple are due back in Australia for this month's ARIA awards, to be hosted by Urban, and Kidman will return in December to take part in a production workshop with castmates, including Hugh Jackman, for Baz Luhrmann's untitled Australian epic that is scheduled to go into production in February.

Fur is a partly fictionalised account of the life of Jewish American photographer Arbus who rose to fame for her portraits of people on the fringes of society in the 1950s and '60s.

The film also stars Robert Downey Jr as a neighbour who helps Arbus on her journey to artistic self-discovery.

Kidman appears nude in the film, a decision she says was easy to make because of its importance in portraying Arbus' artistic awakening.

"Honestly, is it that big of a deal?" Kidman said. "If the love scenes and the nudity are a necessity for the piece, then it doesn't actually bother me."

Photo: Nicole Kidman as Diane Arbus

Nicole lays down the law (Sunday Herald, 15/10/06)

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16 Oct 2006