ACU concludes leadership pilot with NSW schools, dioceses

Nine NSW Catholic schools from four dioceses have successfully completed an 18-month pilot project in leadership for learning and learners developed in partnership with the Australian Catholic University.

The purpose of the pilot project entitled Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners (LTLL) was to impact on the quality of learning by linking leadership and learning, Associate Professor Charles Burford of the Australian Catholic University (ACU National) School of Educational Leadership said in a statement.

"The fundamental belief that underpins the LTLL Program is that authentic leadership can transform learning in Catholic Schools and that if educators are authentic and ethical in leadership then this will transform teaching and learning to unique and authentic experiences for students and teachers alike," Professor Burford added.

The emphasis within the program was one of collaboration, sharing and mutual growth for the schools involved, the four diocesan offices involved, and the Flagship for Creative and Authentic Leadership Centre at ACU National.

Evaluation of the pilot project "demonstrated a clear impact not only on the learning of the students but on the total educational communities involved, especially in how teachers experienced the changed approaches to leadership," Professor Burford said.

Planning for the pilot project commenced in mid-2004 following a visit to the US and by members of the Leadership Centre and Parramatta and Wollongong Catholic Education offices.

The program is based on the work of Professor Jerry Starratt of Boston College, US, who remains one of the international mentors to the program, according to the statement.

Leadership teams from five primary schools and four secondary Catholic schools tested the model through their experiences of developing and leading individual projects for improved learning in each of their schools.

Each leadership team was made up of the principal and three other teacher leaders.

The program is also the focus of three research projects by ACU National doctoral students, who have been involved as observers since 2004 and a research project by staff of the Leadership Centre.

Leaders Transforming Learning and Learners (ACU Media Release, 30/10/06)

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31 Oct 2006