Bishop condemns "starvation wages"

Parramatta's Bishop Kevin Manning has described the low wages of cleaners as "theft of their labour" and a contradiction of their human dignity, while top executives earn millions of dollars a year.

This week's Catholic Weekly reports that Bishop Manning, who is an outspoken supporter of workplace rights, says cleaners are receiving a "rough deal" from the property industry and cleaning contractors.

"Some of these cleaners are refugees and are given what they call 'on-job training'," he said.

"All it means is they get them to work for a month or two, for little to no pay and then get rid of them.

"These vulnerable workers on are 'starvation wages', which to me is a contradiction when these people are on something like $14,000 a year and top executives earn millions a year. There is just no equity in the whole system."

Catholic bishops including Kevin Manning, Christopher Saunders, Bishop of Broome, and Pat Power, Auxiliary Bishop of Canberra-Goulburn, were among more than 40 politicians, religious leaders, welfare and community groups who banded together on International Anti-Poverty Day last week to tell the property industry and cleaning contractors "it's time to lift cleaners out of poverty".

The Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union (LHMU) placed a full-page advertisement in the Australian Financial Review which carried the endorsement of every premier and chief minister across Australia, along with senior faith-based, welfare and ethnic community representatives.

"The manipulation of workers has been condemned right throughout the scriptures," he said.

"Depriving workers of just wages puts them in a category of the permanent poor because they can never get ahead.

"These people will always be the target of the rich."

Bishop Saunders says if "we are serious as a Church about social justice then we are most serious about those who are most marginalised and vulnerable".

'Exploitation of workers a theft of their labour' (Catholic Weekly, 29/10/06) ">

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26 Oct 2006