Satanists promise "shock rituals" in Brisbane

A Brisbane Catholic priest has vowed to combat destructive Satanist "shock rituals" planned for Halloween with the love and understanding of Christ.

The Brisbane Sunday Mail says that devil worshippers who will gather in Brisbane for Halloween have promised to hold a series of "shock rituals", outraging church leaders and prompting police to step up patrols of cemeteries.

Fr Adrian Farrelly, of St Agatha's Catholic Church, at Clayfield in northern Brisbane, vowed to take a stand against the planned gathering. "We will combat their actions with the love and understanding of Christ," he said.

The Church of Satan has sent emails to members nationwide, urging them to attend a gathering at a secret "grotto" in Brisbane on 31 October, the paper says.

Details of the meeting emerged after a goat was beheaded on Friday the 13th this month at a church in Bellbowrie in western Brisbane.

Melbourne satanist Drew Sinton, who will not be taking part in the Halloween gathering, said the meeting was an act of rebellion and would involve "destructive rituals".

He said Brisbane was an increasingly popular area for satanic cults.

"Queensland is a very Christian state and so holding the meeting in its capital is an act of rebellion," he told the Sunday Mail.

Balmoral Cemetery in eastern Brisbane, is said to be a regular meeting place for devil worshippers.

Friends of Balmoral Cemetery president Kelvin Johnston said: "I want these people to know that they can do what they want, providing they stay out of the cemeteries.

"They should have respect for people who have other beliefs."

Queensland police said they were aware of the Halloween gathering and would be monitoring the satanists.

Sergeant Barry Bullion, of Morningside, said patrols would be increased around Balmoral Cemetery.

"The episode with the goat was a bit alarming and so we will urge our patrols to be extra vigilant, especially around cemeteries," he said.

Photo: Fr Adrian Farrelly, Netministries

Satan group heads our way (Sunday Mail, 22/10/06)

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23 Oct 2006