Thieves plunder Vinnies centre

St Vincent de Paul volunteers in the South Australian city of Whyalla are devastated following a break in at their local Vinnies centre in which money, food and phone vouchers worth $2000 were taken and the offices ransacked.

The St Vincent de Paul welfare and conference office was broken into late last week, the Whyalla News reports.

"We do the best we can to try and help people," St Vincent de Paul Society Secretary Hazel Redford said.

"It's sickening it is," Treasurer Bill Redford added.

"If (people) are that desperate they only need to go to the convent of priest house and we'd call straight out," he told the Whyalla News.

Mr and Mrs Redford arrived at the site as usual on Friday morning and straight away noticed something was wrong when they opened the gate, turned the corner and saw that a door that is usually permanently shut was opened.

"We're all pensioners and we all come out here voluntarily and it makes you wonder why we bother."

After the offices were ransacked and filing cabinets were broken, the culprits got away with $970 worth of $10 essential cards for food and petrol, about $560 worth of cash plus $400 worth of the volunteer's Christmas fund.

They also took away with about $400 worth of phone cards.

"All of this has gone missing and it means that no one will get help," Mrs Redford said.

"That's right - our help will be limited with these items missing, end of story," welfare officer Felicity Glenn said.

"That's the main thing, anyone coming to us in the next few weeks will have very limited help because we don't have the resources," Mrs Redford said.

St Vinnies hit by thieves (Whyalla News, 11/9/06)

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13 Sep 2006