New Wagga school offers choice, not division: Director

Blessed Mary MacKillop College, the new independent Catholic college in Wagga Wagga, NSW, launched its student recruiting drive last night with a new director claiming that the school is meeting a demand for a high achieving, single-sex Catholic education.

ABC Regional News reports that the new college that has emerged from a split among Wagga Catholics is proposing to operate out of the old Wagga Leagues Club building from next year.

While it has won support from some priests because of its extra religious focus, the office of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Wagga Wagga has expressed concern.

A director of the new school, Bill Andrews, says he did not intend to divide the Catholic community.

"A school offering more choices is needed for Wagga, so I guess it's a simple case of supply and demand," he said.

"We intend meeting that demand with supplying those key ingredients, such as single-sex education, the International Baccalaureate, instruction of the Catholic faith and we intend to have high levels of academic achievement."

Mr Andrews says he hopes there will not be any negative side effects.

"I can see it enriching the community and I think it would be a great pity if it creates division in the community," he said.

"It was never an intention to do that.

"Parents ... want the best for their children and if they feel the school that they're at is letting them down, whatever school that may be, they will tend to look elsewhere to another school that they believe will satisfy their requirements," he told the ABC.

Controversial Catholic school to recruit students (ABC New Online, 4/9/06)

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5 Sep 2006