Potential MacKillop miracles under study

Bishop David Cremin from Sydney yesterday expressed hope that a second miracle may be attributed to Mary MacKillop before the visit of Pope Benedict to Australia for World Youth Day in July 2008.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that for the last nine years, Mario Abela, a Green Valley father of two, has visited the shrine of the Blessed Mary MacKillop to give thanks for the health of his son.

He attributes Paul's recovery from a rare blood disease to the miraculous work of the founder of the Josephite sisters, though it might not be recognised by the Vatican as a miracle worthy of her canonisation.

"The first time I came to Mass I got a tingle up my arm. I told my wife then our son would be all right ... He's now as healthy as an ox and I have Mary to thank for that," he told the Herald.

There have been many stories of "extraordinary favours", said Sr Maria Casey, vice postulator of Mary MacKillop's cause.

Another such case is that of a baby boy born in the Scottish Highlands town of Roybridge, "MacKillop family heartland", who was near death when Bishop David Cremin, presiding over the Blessed (Mother) Mary's feast day Mass two years ago, asked for prayers for his aid.

Bishop Cremin reported yesterday, 140 years after the founding of the Josephite order, that the boy amazed his doctors with his recovery, having undergone two operations.

Two cases, one a NSW woman who claimed to be cured of terminal cancer and the other a twin boy recovered from multiple sclerosis and lymphoma, are being looked at to see if they qualify as miracles needed for the canonisation of the Blessed (Mother) Mary.

Pictured: Sophie Delezio's mother, Carolyn Martin, prays at the shrine of the Blessed Mary MacKillop yesterday in North Sydney. Source: SMH

Prayer and pilgrimage mark an annual day of thanks (Sydney Morning Herald 9/8/06)

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9 Aug 2006