Wagga seminary rector endorses new college plans

Despite reservations on the part of the Wagga diocese's Catholic Education Office, the rector of Vianney seminary has wished "every success" to a group of Catholic parents who plan to set up a new college to be named after Blessed Mary MacKillop, the new patron of the diocese.

ABC News Online reports that Fr Peter Thompson says some Catholic parents are dissatisfied with the lack of intensity of religious education in the existing schools and want to set up a new college.

"Parents differ in the things they ask from Catholic schools. Most parents are quite satisfied, but some are not and it is these that are not satisfied that are looking for a different approach," he said.

He says those keen to be a part of the Blessed Mary MacKillop college will face financial and staffing challenges to achieve their high ideals.

However, Vianney seminarians are not directly involved in the project, Fr Thompson said.

"It is a great adventure that these people have in mind and I wish them every success in the establishment," he said.

"It's not going to be easy. I can see lots of obstacles, lots of things that will make it very difficult, but their goal is very good and I wish them well."

Meanwhile, the Catholic Education office in the Diocese of Wagga has expressed concern at the development, according to the ABC report.

Seminary endorses plans for new Catholic school (ABC News Online 7/8/06)

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8 Aug 2006