No sympathy for Madonna crucifixion

The Italian-American singer Madonna has again offended religious people of all persuasions with her plan for a mock crucifixion of herself during a Rome concert to be held on Sunday near the Vatican.

Italian newspapers on Thursday carried condemnation from Catholics, Jewish and Muslim officials, most of whom accused the 47-year-old singer of offending religious sensibilities in order to gain publicity, ANSA reports.

It was an "act of open hostility," said Catholic Cardinal Ersilio Tonini in the La Stampa daily, adding that the idea had probably come from marketing professionals keen to cause a scandal.

Priests in several Roman parishes were widely quoted as calling the stunt "blasphemous" and a "provocatory", especially as it would happen only about a few kilometres from the Vatican.

Meanwhile, the spokesman of Rome's Jewish community, Riccardo Pacifici, said: "You need to be sensitive enough to understand that using certain symbols in this way can offend people who identify with them".

"The idea is in the worst possible taste," Maria Scialoja, head of the Muslim League said.

The crucifixion stunt, which was seen earlier this summer in Madonna's Cardiff concert, involves the star climbing onto a glittery cross to sing a song with a crown of thorns on her head, ANSA noted.

Madonna fails to impress everyone (ANSA, 3/8/06)

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