New A-E marking system not fair: Vic independent teachers

The Victorian Independent Teachers Union has urged all Catholic schools to reconsider the new A-to-E grading software, reporting some teachers are so unhappy with the new system for schools they are manually readjusting marks.

All 482 Catholic schools in Victoria have converted to the new standardised grading scale - which can see former A students scoring Bs and Cs - ahead of its compulsory introduction next year.

According to the Herald-Sun, the union has called on the State Government to change the A-to-E model because the new software marks most students as a "C."

Pupils can only score an A if they are up to 18 months ahead of their class, with students achieving good progress only receiving a C.

The Victorian Independent Teachers Union (VIEU) General Secretary Deb James said the biggest problem with the software was the broad definition of C, which was supposed to cover "good progress" as well as "working at a satisfactory level."

She said teachers had expressed concerns that the majority of students getting a C would create a "why bother" culture.

She said some teachers were so worried that they readjusted their marks.

"In their professional judgment, the computer marks were not an accurate assessment of the student's achievement," Ms James said.

"So some would go back in and recheck the progression points in the computer program to give out a different mark."

Parent Susan Hyland said her two primary school children were upset when they received their school reports and were ranked C students.

"The report said my son was an excellent reader but gave him a C," she told the Herald Sun.

Opposition education spokesman Martin Dixon also called for a review but a spokeswoman for Education Minister Lynne Kosky said there had been overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents.

Image source: Independent Education Union

C stands for confusing (Herald Sun, 28/6/06)

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28 Aug 2006