Mercy's justice tree spreads branches, deepens roots

While passing the baton to a new set of leaders, an Adelaide group of students who launched a senior high school group known as the Young Mercy Justice Tree in 2005 have opted to continue their commitment by linking up with a Mercy International Justice Network project in the Philippines.

The original group of Mercy students participated in a pilot project initiated by Adelaide Congregation Leader Meredith Evans and facilitated by Susan Holoubek which consisted of three weekend meetings throughout the year aimed at developing justice leadership through Mercy, according to a Mercy E-News report.

This group of senior school students became known as the Young Mercy Justice Tree (YMJT) and they have been a network of social justice action and reflection ever since.

Most members of this original group are now school leavers and university students so their schools have elected new students to take their place as to allow for more young people to take part in formation as Mercy leaders of action at their schools.

Mercy E-News says that some of the founding 2005 group recently met up for a reunion conference weekend for which they had planned and organised their own funding, with the support of Sr Evans and the Adelaide Mercies who hosted the event.

Beyond the reunion experience, the Old Scholars group were able to also take time to evaluate the changing nature of their involvement in the YMJT and discuss plans for continued social justice actions outside of their Mercy school communities.

Earlier that same week, Mercy E-News published an appeal from Sr Lourdes Amascual appeal for assistance with the Philippine Mercies' Tacloban City hospital plans.

With the help of Helen Owens of the Mercy International Justice Network (MIJN), the group made contact with Sr Amascual, offering assistance in the hospital project. They also flagged the possibility of a formative experience whereby they might visit Mercy projects in the Philippines in 2008.

Fundraising projects for the hospital (and later, the Philippines trip) will be coordinated by the YMJT Old Scholars locally in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and Mildura, the Mercy newsletter reports.

The YMJT Old Scholars are at the initial stages of planning their involvement in the project but acknowledge the importance of networking within the Mercy community for support in their endeavours.

Exciting linking of two Asia Pacific Mercy projects (Mercy News, 21/8/06)

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22 Aug 2006