More MacKillop favours raise miracle hopes

New reports of favours or possible miracles being attributed to the intervention of Blessed Mary MacKillop have surfaced following the recent media coverage of the case of Sophie Delezio who survived two car accidents despite grave injuries.

Sr Maria Casey (pictured), vice postulator for Blessed Mary MacKillop's cause for canonisation, told the Catholic Weekly that recent media reports around crash survivor Sophie Delezio and her parents' prayers resulted in an increase of people calling to talk about great favours they have received.

"They are great favours to those people but we won't know until they are investigated whether they meet the Vatican's criteria, and the criteria are quite strict."

High on the list of "great favours" is that of the little boy found at the bottom of a pool and pronounced dead by paramedics, who regained consciousness in his mother's arms after she prayed for the intercession of Mary MacKillop.

Although it may not meet the requirement of the second miracle needed for Mary MacKillop to be made a saint, "that doesn't take away from the fact that it was a great favour for that family," Sr Casey added.

Another caller reported a child with acute leukaemia who was not expected to live but recovered, it is believed, through Mary MacKillop's intercession.

Two cases are under investigation which may meet the requirements for canonisation. One is a woman cured of inoperable cancer who remains well after 10 years, and another of a boy with multiple sclerosis and lymphoma who is now recovering.

The latter is a "very complicated and complex case," says Sr Casey.

"I've been told there's no case reported in the medical literature of a child having these two diseases and not dying."

"But there are difficulties with each case that we are trying to resolve. For example, that child had quite a lot of treatment, and we have to determine (for example) whether the treatment treated all the symptoms but not the actual disease."

'Miracles' boost support for MacKillop sainthood (Catholic Weekly, 20/8/06)

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17 Aug 2006