Opus Dei volunteers clean up in Fiji

A 22-member team of Opus Dei volunteers from Australia and New Zealand is spending two and a half weeks in a Fiji Catholic school doing maintenance and repair work as part of a clean up campaign.

The Fiji Times reports that Navunibitu Catholic School in the Ra province is the beneficiary of the volunteers' labour as they repair washrooms and carry out other maintenance work.

"This is the fourth year the school is having the group volunteer in the school. We are always grateful for their time here," said the school's headmaster Joseva Jone. "They do a lot of work in the school which the school desperately needs," he said.

The multiracial school has 200 students from Classes One to Eight, and 70 boarders. The school lies along the Kings Highway in Navunibitu.

Children from the Ra coastal areas and villages of Nailuva, Nabalesere, Veidrala, Nararavou, Naqelecibi, Nasavu and settlements in Barotu and Nabalabala attend the school.

Team leader Alex Perrottet, said they looked forward to visiting the school every year. He said apart from doing maintenance work, the group got to know the community better.

They are being billeted at the Navunibitu Parish, which is a three-minute walk from the school.

Volunteers in clean up (Fiji Times 11/7/06)

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12 Jul 2006