Grassroots job creation needed, Vatican observer tells UN

World security risks being undermined as the number of unemployed around the world reaches an all time high, says Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Holy See permanent observer to the UN in Geneva.

According to a Zenit report, Archbishop Tomasi spoke in favour of all those measures that emphasise "the central place of the human person and the value of human work and that point out the way to overcome chronic poverty and marginality."

"Decent work, in fact, entails a quality of life that goes beyond production: it is a dimension of the person himself, who gives work its highest value," he said.

According to the prelate, "people looking and hoping for a job, who find themselves out of work, are at an all time high, with the consequent serious risk that the fight against poverty and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals will be frustrated and that this frustration may provoke disorderly behaviour and, surely, a less secure world."

That is why, "development is the new name of peace," he added, quoting the famous expression coined by Pope Paul VI in his 1967 encyclical Populorum Progressio.

In this context, Archbishop Tomasi called on the international community to ask itself "why much direct financial assistance and technology exchange have not been as effective as planned."

He explained that "at the grass root level, it is the creation of new jobs that puts the economy in motion."

"Active participation in work unleashes the creative capacities and energies of each person within the specific moment and level of development of a country. Step by step, poverty is reduced, emigration becomes an option instead of a necessity, social standards begin to develop, people are lifted out of a vicious circle of misery and indecent conditions of life," he continued.

Zenit reports that Archbishop Tomasi concluded with an appeal for "the courage and political imagination to make the needed compromises that can lead instead to a renewal of common action and show a concrete commitment to the elimination of global poverty which is still a scandal and a threat to peace and security."

Holy See Supports Aim to Provide Work (Zenit 7/7/06)

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10 Jul 2006