Keating propagates faith at De La Salle centenary ball

Former Prime Minister Paul Keating and NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney were among the illustrious alumni of a Sydney suburban De La Salle college who turned out for the congregation's centenary ball on Saturday.

The gathering at Westin Hotel to mark the occasion of the Centenary of the arrival of the first De La Salle Brothers in Australia also included Brothers, former students, current associates, long time admirers, supporters and friends, many of whom travelled from Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Singapore and from all Australian states.

Keating and Moroney joined other notable De La Salle alumni such as actor Bryan Brown, Minister of State John Della Bosca, and Compere and Master of Ceremonies, Mike Bailey, in recalling days gone by and the Brothers who influenced them.

"I owe an enormous debt to the De La Salle Brothers," Mr Keating said in his occasional address.

"The ethos of the De La Salle Brothers affected me as Prime Minister in all sorts of ways, as Treasurer the same; the judgments that you bring to bear, are coloured by your experience and by your value system.

"We are here tonight as a celebration of the hundred years of that enormous commitment and dedication, the belief which these men put in the lives of young people, their unswerving faith and commitment to their Christian values, and their impact on the rest of us which has changed Australia inextricably forever", he said.

In acknowledging the debt of gratitude and honour that is owed to those Brothers who went before, Mr Keating said: "We celebrate those hundreds of members of the Order that have long since served and long since passed - we celebrate their faith, their commitment, their clarity about what their life's work should be about.

"It was not simply about education, they could have been simply teachers in a secular school system, rather it was an apostolate in the propagation of the faith," he said.

At the commencement of the evening, Mr Bailey asked the 46 Brothers in attendance to stand and be acknowledged, which prompted a rousing applause from over 500 guests in appreciation of their achievements, contribution, commitment, unity and their faith.

De La Salle Brothers Centenary Celebration Ball (De La Salle Media Release 18/7/06)

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19 Jul 2006