Benedict writes book on Jesus

Pope Benedict is spending his summer vacation in the Italian Alps drafting a book on Jesus that is likely to become the second major theological work of his pontificate.

Reuters reports that the book, expected to be completed by the end of winter, focuses on Jesus, the human race and Christianity's relationship with other faiths.

The work, which Benedict XVI started before becoming Pope in April 2005, comes at a time when he seeks to restore a strong sense of faith among Catholics in the face of growing secularism and competition from other religions, including Islam.

Benedict, a leading theologian and prolific author, aimed to include reflections from his experience as Pope in the book written in the form of a "theological narrative," the Rome-based la Repubblica newspaper said.

La Repubblica noted that his focus on Jesus might revive the controversy surrounding "Dominus Iesus," a document he issued in 2000 when he was the Vatican's top doctrinal authority.

It said the Catholic Church was the only real church, an assertion many Protestant leaders took as insulting, and that Jesus was the only path to salvation.

The book will follow Benedict XVI's first encyclical Deus Caritas Est ("God is Love") that was issued in February.

Pope Benedict writing book on Jesus (Reuters 18/7/06)

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19 Jul 2006