Washington Cardinal clarifies view on same-sex unions

Washington DC's Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has tightened his recent comments on legal recognition of same-sex unions.

The Cardinal was reported as saying last Wednesday that although it is not his ideal, the US Government needs to protect the rights of same-sex couples to care for each other or visit each other in a hospital.

"I'm afraid that I misspoke last Wednesday when I was being interviewed on CNN," Cardinal McCarrick said. "I regret any confusion my words may have caused because I did not make myself sufficiently clear."

In a clarification, Cardinal McCarrick said his earlier comments were "always in the context" of the US Senate's decision to reject a constitutional amendment that would have banned gay marriage.

"In no way in favour of a lifestyle that is contrary to the teaching of the church and scripture," he said.

Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Cardinal Theodore E McCarrick on 16 May and named Bishop Donald W Wuerl of Pittsburgh to succeed him as archbishop of Washington.

Meanwhile in Australia, the stage is set for an important debate in Federal Parliament on marriage for same-sex couples following the decision yesterday by Governor-General Michael Jeffery to disallow the ACT's civil unions legislation from midnight after talks with federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock and ACT Minister Jim Lloyd.

As a result, civil unions for same-sex couples are illegal in the ACT from today after the Howard Government secured a midnight ruling to thwart gays and lesbians hoping to beat the ban before the Federal government could intervene.

The ACT voted last month to grant civil union status to same-sex couples, effectively giving them access to all of the rights and benefits granted to married couples, but stopping just short of bestowing the term "marriage."

It is reported that the Greens will today seek to overturn the Government's decision to block the ACT laws allowing same-sex civil unions.

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14 Jun 2006