Benedict XVI says family is a "community of love and life"

Benedict XVI, yesterday on the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, recalled that the family is "a community of love and life, in which differences must come together to become a parable of communion."

In an address before praying the midday Angelus with the crowds gathered in St Peter's Square, the Pope said that all beings are ordered according to a harmonic dynamism - love.

But only in the human person, he says, "free and rational, this dynamism becomes spiritual, a responsible love, as response to God and to one's neighbour in a sincere gift of self."

Acording to the Pope, who wrote his doctoral thesis on the notion of the people of God in the writings of St Augustine, the Holy Spirit enables believers to discover that God "is not infinite solitude but communion of light and love, life given and received in an eternal dialogue between the Father and the Son in the Holy Spirit - lover, beloved and love, to recall St Augustine".

This Trinitarian communion is also the basis of friendship with Christ, and that there is even a cosmic dimension to this communion, the Pope said.

"For him who has faith, the whole universe speaks of God one and triune. From interstellar space to microscopic particles, all that exists refers to a being who communicates himself in the multiplicity and variety of the elements, as in an immense symphony."

Pope Benedict will have another opportunity to develop the community of life and love theme in his forthcoming trip to Spain from 8-9 July for the Fifth World Meeting of Families which will also include an International Family Fair.

Lover, beloved and love (Zenit, 11/6/2006)

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13 Jun 2006