Bishop urges fair go for new movements

Bishop Kevin Manning of the Sydney Diocese of Parramatta has said that innovators must be judged by official Church authority, not by modern-day Pharisees.

Writing in the June issue of the diocesan newspaper Catholic Outlook, he commented on the tendency of Church groups pushing for uniformity who regard with suspicion, and exclude as reactionary, anything new, innovative, or renewing.

Bishop Manning said that such diversity includes groups like Opus Dei, Communion and Liberation, and the Neocatechumanate Way, "which sometime affront people who condemn them as conservative and secretive."

"In a word, anything that doesn't conform to the strict guidelines and decisions of commissions or synods. These groups can be a suffocating element in the Church," he said.

"There is no doubt that there will always be people who go too far, who push renewal beyond the bounds and who interpret theology to suit themselves," he continued. "But innovators must be judged by official Church authority, not by modern-day Pharisees."

Bishop manning insisted that renewal that is legitimate must be welcomed and encouraged for giving new life to the Church.

"Diversity is something which the Church can accommodate and which we shouldn't reject because it doesn't suit our own personal desires," he concluded.

Bishop Kevin Manning: Faith in the Risen Lord (Catholic Outlook June 2006)

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6 Jun 2006