Priest's Australian lectures cancelled over CDF investigation

A series of Edmund Rice Centre lectures with Fr Diarmuid O'Murchu has been cancelled after Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart withdrew his permission for Fr O'Murchu's participation, according to a CathNews discussion board post.

Brian Coyne, a long time contributor to the CathNews discussion board (www.cathchat.com), reports that Archbishop Denis Hart has withdrawn his permission for Fr O'Murchu to present a series of workshops in Melbourne in January as a result of a Vatican investigation into the writings of Fr O'Murchu, a Sacred Heart Missionary priest and social psychologist.

The director of Edmund Rice Centre Amberley, Andy Kuppe, told potential participants of the "Catching up with Jesus and religious life: changing paradigms" courses in a letter this week that "nothing has been confirmed at this stage" as to the possibility of the courses proceeding.

According to the letter, the Archbishop in early June told the Christian Brothers' Province leader that he had received letters alerting him to a two-page note of the Doctrinal Commission of the Bishops' Conference of Spain, published in L'Osservatore Romano on 15 March, concerning Fr O'Murchu's book published in 1995, Reframing Religious Life An Expanded Vision for the Future.

The note, written over three years ago and only recently translated into English, was critical of Fr O'Murchu's book. Fr O'Murchu and his Superior General have corresponded with the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) to clarify the matter and hope to resolve it later this year.

There has been no statement from the CDF critical of Fr O'Murchu or the books recently published that are also the titles of the courses to be offered in January 2007, the letter noted.

Although evidently disappointed at Archibishop Hart's decision, Mr Coyne said in his CathNews post that, "this is not the time for over-reaction as the matter is under private negotiation between Diarmuid and his Superior General and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith."

"The Leadership team of the Christian Brothers are to be congratulated for making strong representations to Archbishop Hart in this matter," he wrote.

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30 Jun 2006