Archbishop accuses Dominican Republic authorities of drugs trade complicity

At a Mass marking the United Nations International Day Against Drugs, a Santiago archbishop has attributed the increase in drug trafficking and crime to the complicity of the military, police, judges and politicians, who "sell their conscience to the highest bidder."

Dominican Today reports that during the mass in the cathedral Santiago Apostle, the Episcopal Conference President Ramon Benito de la Rosa said that Dominicans are being called to live through hard times and one of the causes is drug trafficking.

He warned that it is not possible to win the war on drugs only with prevention, because it's a task which needs collaboration, to regenerate those who have been affected.

"It is important not to get tired, many times you will see the leaders of the country mixed up in the drug trafficking and you will wonder if it's worth the trouble, but I say to you that you must continue, nobody is going to help us from the outside, nor from above. The only thing that God does is to help us leave the mud in which we have placed ourselves," he said.

Archbishop de la Rosa affirmed that narcotics traffickers are very powerful enemies, who do not have any respect for human beings, nor the conscience of men and women, before seeking to bribe anyone.

"Right here we are living the evils caused by drugs in a very intense way, but there is no another remedy then to face them with firmness," he said, adding that he is confident that the evil of drugs will be surpassed, although he recognises that it's a difficult fight.

Archbishop says Dominican authorities are in cahoots with traffickers (Dominican Today 26/6/06)

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28 Jun 2006