Caritas commences Dili humanitarian response

Caritas Australia's assessment team has arrived in Dili to commence the Caritas humanitarian response in a country still torn by civil unrest.

"Our joint assessment team is being guided by our local partners, Caritas Dili, to identify the level of assistance required in the various camps, and the short to mid-term requirements for the people," said Caritas Australia's Country Director in East Timor, Jay Maheswaran.

"The Church network who are housing the displaced in Churches and other Catholic institutions are reporting that food, water and sanitation are priorities," he said.

Security is still shaky in Dili, with houses continuing to be torched and gunshots still being fired.

"The fear factor amongst the people is very real," said Dr Maheswaran. "Some of the local staff and their families have not dared to venture out of the camps."

Jack de Groot, Chief Executive Officer of Caritas Australia, says that urgent action is needed as the humanitarian needs of the displaced are increasing.

"Caritas Australia appeals to the Australian public to support the Caritas humanitarian response on the ground in East Timor, and give generously in response to the shortage of basic needs for the displaced people," said Mr de Groot.

Caritas is aiming for a $1 million contribution towards the humanitarian response, Mr de Groot said.

Meanwhile, Caritas says it is also on the ground in Indonesia's Yogyakarta province responding to the needs of the thousands of displaced people following last Saturday's devastating earthquake.

Caritas reports that due to the current wet season in the region, the humanitarian effort has been hampered by weather conditions, with heavy rain making road access to the rural communities difficult.

As the death toll from the quake increases to 6,000, there is still an urgent need for immediate relief of the thousands left homeless, Caritas said.

There is also continued concern as the Mt Merapi volcano, located just 25 km away from Yogyakarta, continues its volcanic activity.

"If the volcano erupts, there will be displaced people from the earthquake and volcano requiring accommodation, food, shelter, water and medical supplies. This will put huge pressure on resources," Mr de Groot said.

Caritas said people wishing to donate money to East Timor or the earthquake relief efforts should call 1800 024 413 or visit www.caritas.org.au.

Caritas Australia commences humanitarian response on the ground in Dili (Caritas Australia 1/6/06)
Caritas Australia responds to urgent needs in Yogyakarta (Caritas Australia 1/6/06)

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2 Jun 2006