Nic told to keep marital surprises coming

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's marriage celebrant, Fr Paul Coleman, has offered the engaged couple marital advice ahead of their wedding this weekend.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Fr Paul Coleman, who will officiate at the couple's wedding, told the couple that their life together as husband and wife will be a top priority that requires strategies.

"You've got to use little strategies; strategies [such as] surprises, keeping some form of romance in the relationship, even after 20 years," he said.

"I mean to me it's wonderful that Keith's mother and father have been married for 42 years and Nicole's mother and father have been nearly the [same]. That's an outstanding achievement and something that fills you with hope."

Kidman and Urban will reportedly wed at the Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel in Manly on Sunday afternoon - although the couple are closely guarding the exact time and place.

It will be Kidman's second wedding, after her 10-year marriage to actor Tom Cruise broke down in 2001.

While Fr Coleman refused to confirm where or when the service would be held, he did say the ceremony would take under an hour, "probably 40 minutes" and mentioned the homily he planned to deliver.

"It will be after one of the scripture readings just to put what the marriage means in the context of the lives of Nicole and Keith," he said.

His speech would urge Kidman and Urban to find time for each in their hectic schedules.

"You need to find time. Everyone's so busy today, with their work and paying off mortgages and looking after children; somehow we just have to find [the] time for each other."

But he said he did not want to concentrate during his homily on the unique difficulties of a celebrity marriage.

"I wouldn't want to do that. I'll tell them the top priority for them will be their life together as husband and wife, and that is more important than their career, their car, anything.

"Every marriage has problems ... money or not, that's not the issue. The issue is the two people and their relationship. And that's got to be kept beneficial and fruitful."

He also discussed his meeting with the happy couple earlier this week. "It was a wonderful meeting, very impressive couple and I have high hopes for both of them," he said.

And the issue of Keith's faith - he is not a Catholic - would not "be a problem at all", he said. "I call Keith - I'll use the words he's an 'anonymous Christian' - he's got the spirit of God in him and that's that."

Nicole and Keith full of surprises (SMH, 22/6/06)

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23 Jun 2006