Pell says all power comes from God

Worldly power comes from God and is to be used after "due reflection for a good purpose and not just for self service", Cardinal George Pell wrote in his annual Pentecost Pastoral Letter to Sydney's young Catholics.

In the letter sent to every school and parish in the Archdiocese, Cardinal Pell addressed the theme of "power" which he says comes from the Scriptural theme for the World Youth Day 2008: "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you will be my witnesses" (Acts 1:8).

A retired Supreme Court judge, who was not named in the document, gave this year's introductory address. Cardinal Pell in his Letter explains that the judge's words "were deeply appreciated" because they were "wise and humane, the fruit of wide experience in public life and the courts, spoken by a man who knows, loves and practices his Catholic faith".

Commenting on the judge's address, Cardinal Pell said that "External power was defined as the capacity to direct others and direct the course of events and was distinguished from internal power, the power each individual has to choose, decide and act."

The Cardinal finished by encouraged the young people of Sydney: "We can break the cycle of weakness and secularism which regularly presses upon us. Our Christian faith is energising and empowering. Together we can do so much more."

The full text will be available later today on the Archdiocese of Sydney website (www.sydney.catholic.org.au).

Cardinal Pell's Pentecost Pastoral Letter addresses power (Archdiocese of Sydney 1/6/06)

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2 Jun 2006