Archbishops say Da Vinci boycott not necessary

Catholics were free to watch The Da Vinci Code movie but should remember its central claims are fictional, two Australian Archbishops said ahead of tomorrow's box office release.

The Age reports that Melbourne's Archbishop Denis Hart said he would leave it to people to make a mature judgement about whether or not to watch the movie, but they should be sure of their facts.

Archbishop Hart said the The Da Vinci Code is a story with an intriguing plot, but "it goes to the heart of the Catholic religion because it makes allegations which are not in any way substantiated by fact."

"It will be hurtful to a lot of Christians. The church has not tried to suppress anything, Jesus was not married, he is God. People should read the Gospels to discover the truth about Jesus," he said.

Many church leaders around the world have urged Christians to boycott the film - based on the best-selling but wildly inaccurate novel by Dan Brown.

Archbishop Philip Wilson, the newly elected President of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, has rejected the call to boycott the movie, saying people should see the movie but take it as just a fictional story.

AAP reports that Archbishop Wilson said he had not read Dan Brown's best selling book which claims that Jesus married Mary Magdalene, who had their child and that the bloodline survives.

Theologians say there is no evidence in the scriptures to support the marriage theory, although some believe Mary Magdalene was a close follower of Jesus.

But many church leaders see the film as a new opportunity to reach the wider community.

Perth Archbishop Barry Hickey, chairman of the bishops' media committee, said the church welcomed any interest in Jesus Christ generated by The Da Vinci Code, and had compiled resources to help people.

The Australian Catholic Bishops' Committee last month set up a web resource site on the book and movie (www.acbc.catholic.org.au/DaVinciCode.html).

Archbishop Wilson said the church was preparing some material on The Da Vinci Code, which it would make available to Catholic schools and parishioners in South Australia over the next week.

"A kit which just puts the claims of the movie in the right perspective," he said.

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17 May 2006