Jesuit "pastoral cycle" expert visiting Australia

Jesuit expert on the "pastoral cycle", Fr Peter Henriot, is currently visiting Australia for a series of talks on Catholic Social Teaching and the relevance of social justice in today's age of globalisation and terror.

Fr Henriot, co-author of the Catholic best-seller on the pastoral cycle, Social Analysis: Linking Faith and Justice, and Jesuit lawyer Fr Frank Brennan will speak on "Doing social justice" in Sydney's Strathfield this Friday.

Fr Henriot, who has lived for nearly 20 years in Zambia - one of the poorest countries in the world - will argue that to respond effectively to social issues, we need to move from a model of charity to a model of justice with "good social analysis" at the core of our living and acting.

"The faith that does justice must be informed by social analysis if it is to be effective and sustainable," he said.

"We will never deal with the impact of globalisation on poor countries in Africa like Zambia if we don't do good social analysis that reveals both the structural hopes."

Fr Henriot is also director of the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) in Lusaka, and former director of the Washington-based Center of Concern.

"It is a tremendous honour to have Fr Peter Henriot speaking in Sydney especially at a time when there is debate over the role of the Catholic Church in social justice," said Uniya Director Mary Bryant.

"Fr Peter Henriot's book Social Analysis and the basic tool of the 'pastoral cycle' articulated in this book has become a benchmark presentation of this method of Catholic action.

"Together with co-author Prof Joe Holland, his words have influenced thousands of conscientious Christians worldwide.

"His ideas are of tremendous value for all those working in social justice not just those employed in Catholic organisations," she said.

Ms Bryant said Fr Brennan will provide an Australian context to the debate, drawing on his vast expertise and knowledge of national successes and failures of the social justice agenda.

Fr Henriot will also be touring Melbourne and Brisbane. The lecture this Friday in Strathfield starts 12pm at the Australian Catholic University.

Henriot and Brennan to revisit social justice agenda (Uniya Jesuit Social Justice Centre 9/5/06)

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10 May 2006