YCW report finds deep spiritual sense in young

The Australian Young Christian Workers released on Friday its interim report on its Spirituality Inquiry, which has highlighted the deep sense of spirituality held by young people and the significant influence of family and friends in the ways that it is expressed.

The interim report of the Inquiry, initiated by the Australian Young Christian Workers (YCW) in 2005, is based on over 500 responses from young people across Australia.

According to a YCW statement, the report challenges "both church and the community to nurture young people's growing interest in spirituality in ways that encourage them to deal with the complexity of life and continue the conversation between spirituality and religion."

"The connection between spirituality and religion clearly needs to be strengthened if this generation is not to be lost to church within the challenges of life in the 21st century," the statement said.

YCW says it will take these challenges seriously and in the coming months will respond through a series of meetings with young people about spirituality and the challenges to life and church; the Gospel call to servant leadership; and the spirituality of the YCW.

Bishop Justin Bianchini of the Bishops Committee for the Laity commented: "This enquiry is so real because, 'typically YCW', it comes from the experience of young people and God's Spirit working in them. It also shows the close connection between spirituality and life. I believe it has the power to nurture the Spirit within many young people across Australia."

YCW said it has been strongly affirmed by the positive response of the Australian Bishops and their encouragement of this Report.

"We draw strength and inspiration also from the words of Nelson Mandela: 'Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that generation'," the statement added.

'Touching the Sacred' Interim Report Released (Australian Young Christian Workers 5/5/06)

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8 May 2006