Pope declares diplomatic war with China

Benedict XVI has expressed his "profound displeasure" at two unauthorised episcopal ordinations of Chinese priests and warns that such actions could jeopardise relations between Beijing and the Vatican.

Vatican spokesman, Dr Joaquin Navarro-Valls, said in a statement released yesterday that the episcopal ordinations, "without pontifical mandate, are illegitimate" and contrary to the consciences of those participating in the ceremony.

The unauthorised ordination of Joseph Liu Xinhong took place two days ago in Wuhu (province of Anhui) and follows the ordination of Joseph Ma Yinglin that took place in Kunming (province of Yunnan) last Sunday.

Dr Navarro-Valls said that bishops and priests who took part in the episcopal ordinations have been subjected to strong pressures and to threats from "external entities to the Church" so that they would take part in the ceremony.

"It is a grave wound to the unity of the Church, for which severe canonical sanctions, as it is known, are foreseen," he said. "Episodes of this kind produce lacerations not only in the Catholic community but also in the internal conscience itself."

He said that the Vatican is very concerned about news that other episcopal ordinations are to take place in the same manner which, he says, threatens the "liberty of the Church and for the autonomy of its institutions from whatever external interference".

"The Holy See has, on various occasions, stressed her willingness for honest and constructive dialogue with the competent Chinese authorities for the purpose of finding a solution that would satisfy the needs of both parties," he added.

He said such deplorable episodes "do not favour such dialogue but instead create new obstacles against it."

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5 May 2006