Wollongong hosts International Catholic Stewardship Council

The International Catholic Stewardship Council is conducting two sessions of its popular Institute for Stewardship and Development for diocesan and parish leaders in Australia from tomorrow.

Faculty members for both sessions include Dan Conway, President of RSI Catholic Services Group; Lois Locey, Pastoral Associate for Administration and Stewardship at St Margaret Mary Catholic Church in Maitland, Florida; and Fr Daniel J Mahan, Pastor of St Louis Church in Batesville, Indiana, and author of More Than Silver or Gold: Homilies of a Stewardship Priest.

Tony Abela, Tony Sanderson, Rosanna Ganassin, and other representatives of the Church in Australia will also participate in the Institute.

The two Institutes, which are being sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong and Catholic Church Insurance, will be held in North Sydney's Mary MacKillop Place.

Bishop Peter Ingham of Wollongong said: "I welcome our faculty from the USA, Rev Daniel J Mahan, Mrs Lois Locey and Dr Dan Conway, all of whom come to us as experts with a rich lived experience to share with us."

The primary purpose of the inaugural Institute is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the basic principles of Christian stewardship.

All sessions seek to promote a better understanding of the theology and practice of stewardship as taught by the American bishops in their pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple's Response.

Stewardship as a way of life is a more recent concept for Australia.

"Becoming a steward is a life-long journey, with each of us at a different stage on the way. At every step forward, you and I are challenged to accept and love what God wants of us," Bishop Ingham said.

"How providential that we are able to conduct this institute at Blessed Mar MacKillop Place. Significantly Blessed Mary of the Cross once wrote, 'to me the will of God is dear book which I am never tired of reading. What God wants always has some new charm for me'."

"Grounded in regular prayer and God's gift to us in the Eucharist, I pray the institutes will be a grace-filled time for all involved. May all the good efforts make the Gospel message of being God's Steward a reality in the lives of those who are participating in the institute and among those whom, they are daily called to serve," the Bishop said.

It is anticipated that one of the "next steps" of the Sydney institute is to investigate the creation of National Stewardship Council to continue fostering stewardship as a way of life in Australia.

Stewardship Institute in Australia: First ever (Diocese of Wollongong 28/5/06)

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29 May 2006