Priest-critic says Da Vinci film mild compared to book

After attending the press screening in Cannes this week, internationally renowned Australian film reviewer Fr Peter Malone has said the producers have been much more careful to downplay controversy than Dan Brown did.

"All the way through the film, there are statements about opinions being only opinions, that there are other possibilities to consider," Fr Malone says.

"This is especially the case about the discussion on the humanity and divinity of Jesus, Constantine and the Council of Nicaea. The discussion between Tom Hanks and Ian McKellen illustrates this well."

Fr Malone, a Missionary of the Sacred Heart, is immediate past president of the international Catholic media body SIGNIS.

He says the film is "certainly superior to the book".

Meanwhile the Australian Catholic Students Association yesterday unveiled a website aimed to encourage informed viewing of the film - thetruthdecoded.org.au

Professor Tracey Rowland of the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and the Family said the website's cultural analysis of the Da Vinci Code is particularly powerful.

"In an increasingly postmodern world where people no longer even know the central beliefs of Christian Revelation, there is a call to 'seek the truth'," she said.

"All people of good will, but particularly Christians, should not be satisfied with jumbled and incoherent fragments of competing belief systems mixed with speculation."

Peter Malone: 'Da Vinci Code' screens out of some of much-discussed
controversy (SIGNIS/Catholic Online 17/5/06)

The Truth Decoded (Australian Catholic Students Association)

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18 May 2006