Vatican quiet after Pope's meeting with Curia

Benedict XVI met with leaders of the Roman Curia on Friday morning but the Vatican issued no announcement about the topics that were discussed or any decisions that were reached.

Catholic World News reports the 7 April meeting took place amid rumours that Pope Benedict has already signed a document allowing broader use of the Latin Mass.

At a previous meeting of dicastery leaders in February the main topic of conversation was reportedly a plan to restore communion between the Vatican and the traditionalist Society of St Pius X. The same issue was also discussed at a meeting of the College of Cardinals in March.

The Society broke ties with the Vatican in 1988, when the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre ordained three new bishops in defiance of orders from the Vatican and was excommunicated as a result. Negotiations aimed at repairing the schism were opened in 2000.

The Vatican press office issued no statement about the meeting other than a terse announcement that it took place in the Bologna room of the apostolic palace.

Meanwhile, the pope yesterday presided over a Palm Sunday mass in St Peter's Square, leading into the first Easter Season of his pontificate.

His predecessor John Paul II was in his dying days for all of last year's Easter season and was only able to make brief appearances in the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

Surrounded by palm and olive branches, he said selfishness and corruption were devastating today's world. Speaking on a sunny day to tens of thousands of people, the Pope weaved his sermon around the contrast between material and spiritual riches and the relationship between personal freedom and responsibility.

After blessing palm and olive branches - symbols of peace - he called for people around the world to undergo "a purification of hearts" to help heal what he said was a "lacerated world".

Christ's message, he said, was "not to respond to an injustice with another injustice, to violence with another violence, but to remind us that evil can only be overcome with good, not with another evil".

The 78-year-old Pope will have a hectic week ahead of him as he leads Catholics to Easter. He will hold his general audience on Wednesday.

On Holy Thursday he presides at two services, including one in which he will wash and kiss the feet of 12 priests in a gesture commemorating Christ's gesture of humility to his apostles on the night before he died.

On Good Friday, he will hold two services commemorating Christ's death, including a Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) procession around the ancient ruins of Rome's Colosseum.

He says an Easter Eve mass on Saturday night and on Sunday will deliver an Urbi et Orbi (to the city and the world) blessing and message.

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10 Apr 2006