Columbans petition Govt on GE food

The Columban Peace, Ecology and Justice Centre has written to the Federal Minister for Agriculture and other officials to express concern at the Government's involvement in promoting genetically modified food technology.

At a recent meeting of representatives of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity in Brazil 20 March, the Australian Government argued for a change in the de facto global moratorium on technology to sterilise crop seeds.

In a statement for tomorrow's international GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Opposition Day, the Centre's Director Ms Anne Lanyon said: "The issue of genetic engineering of food poses threats to food safety, human rights, trade, ethics, biodiversity, culture and religion.

"If GE food takes hold, human rights to food sovereignty and food security will be taken from people and control handed to large corporations," she said.

Ms Lanyon said the dangers of the genetically modified (GM) food are an area of mission in which the Columban Mission Society is concerned.

"Food is a gift from God and a basic human right. The Columban perspective challenges the anti-gospel claim that human beings can replace the Creator by creating and controlling life," Ms Lanyon said.

"Columban experience with poor farmers in the Philippines and Pakistan, highlights the destructive effect of the imposition of the industrial agriculture model on their lands and culture."

As part of International GMO Opposition Day in Sydney, there will be the launch of the new 2006 True Food Guide and screening of the acclaimed film The Future of Food at the Leichhardt Farmer's Markets.

Genetic engineering of food (Columbans 6/4/06)

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7 Apr 2006