Pope says God's rules are meant to help

Biblical moral rules promote human freedom, which reaches its perfection when it is exercised in accordance with God's will, Benedict XVI said yesterday.

The Pope met yesterday with members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission (pictured), which is continuing its work on a document about the relationship between the Bible and morality.

Many people today, Benedict XVI said, think that the only way to reach happiness and fulfilment is by relying own their own reason and pursuing their own desires.

"This erroneous conviction is based on a presumed conflict between human freedom and every form of law," he said.

But an individual created by God for eternal life with God cannot find true happiness without following the "compass and interior standard" of the basic moral principles written on the human heart, the pope said.

"The moral law, established by God in creation and confirmed in the Old Testament revelation, finds its fulfilment and greatness in Christ," he said.

The guiding principles for human behaviour are set out in the Hebrew Scriptures and take flesh in Jesus Christ, who shows people the path of love and perfection and gives them his spirit so they can follow, he said.

"Christ is the incarnate word who makes us participants in his divine life and with his grace sustains us in the journey toward our full realisation," Benedict XVI said.

Moral mandates designed to help people, not limit them, says pope (Catholic News Service 26/4/06)

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28 Apr 2006