Good Sams hope defies gloomy reality

When Sharon Boyd returns next week to Casimir College in Sydney's Marrickville where she works as a counsellor, she will be proclaiming the Good News as the newest perpetually professed member of the Sisters of the Good Samaritan.

On Easter Saturday, Sharon vowed her life to God as a Sister of the Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict in the presence of family and friends, using ancient words from Benedict's ancient rule.

Sr Clare Condon, congregational leader of the Good Samaritan Sisters, told Sr Boyd that hope is central to her Perpetual Profession. Through Perpetual Profession religious entrust themselves to "God whom we cannot see, except in the love we experience for and from each other," Sr Clare said.

Sr Clare harked back to the congregation's recent Chapter where the Sisters boldly proclaimed in their vision statement that, despite global conflict and tragedy, and despite the obvious diminishment of their human resources, they were women of hope.

She also said that Christians constitute a community of hope and that Christian hope is not a renunciation of the world or an escape from contemporary responsibilities. Quoting a recent Sydney Morning Herald editorial, she said to recoil from this responsibility is to deny the point of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

After proclaiming her vows of profession, Sr Sharon three times prayed the words from the ancient Rule of Benedict, "Receive me, Lord, as you have promised and I shall live. Do not disappoint me in my hope."

The presider of the Eucharist, Benedictine monk, David Orr, reminded the congregation that they gathered on sacred ground in St Scholastica's chapel, made sacred by the commitment of hundreds of Good Samaritan Sisters.

The cover of the booklet for the Profession ceremony featured the gates of Saint Scholastica's convent. For over a hundred years, the sisters of the Good Samaritan have gone out through these gates on mission to proclaim the Good News. Sr Sharon Boyd will continue this tradition.

A woman of hope (Sisters of the Good Samaritan 26/4/06)

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27 Apr 2006