Academics launch books on the Trinity

Australian Catholic University academics, Associate Professor Anne Hunt and Professor Neil Ormerod, have published new books exploring Trinitarian theology.

Trinity: Nexus of the Mysteries of Christian Faith, published by Orbis Books, is Associate Prof Hunt's third book on Trinitarian thought.

In the book, she explores the interconnections between The Trinity and other elements of Christian faith, discussing a wide range of Trinitarian theologians in the process.

In The Trinity: Retrieving the Western Tradition, published by Marquette University Press, Prof Ormerod defends the western tradition of Trinitarian theology, exemplified in the writings of Augustine and Thomas Aquinas, maintaining that it offers a far more coherent means of explanation than more recent alternatives.

Associate Professor Hunt is Rector at ACU National's Ballarat Campus (Aquinas), and Professor Ormerod is Head of the Sub-faculty of Theology and Philosophy at ACU National's Strathfield Campus (Mount St Mary). They will speak about their books at special events being held at different ACU campuses from 21 March to 6 April.

ACU National academics launch books about the Trinity (Australian Catholic University 9/3/06)

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10 Mar 2006