Atheist teacher wins Catholic school discrimination case

An atheist teacher who lost out on a promotion at a Catholic school has won his discrimination case against Glasgow City Council.

In the first case of its kind, maths teacher David McNab successfully argued that he had been discriminated against after he was told he would not be interviewed for a post because he was not a Catholic, Scotland Today reports.

Mr McNab had applied for a pastoral care post at St Paul's Roman Catholic School, Glasgow, but was told by the head teacher that the position was a reserved and had to be filled by candidates approved by the Church.

He said: "It made me feel bad, it made me feel that I'm not an equal member of the staff in the school where I work and anyone who doesn't have catholic approval is obviously in the same position.

"The process has been very stressful and very expensive for me and my family but I still feel to this present time that society is equal, a law was made in 2003 which was accepted by the Executive and everybody should adhere to that law. We can't have a two tier system in any country."

The Church said it notes with interest the Tribunal's finding that all appointments to all posts in Catholic schools require the approval of the Church but went on to say it endorses the finding of the Tribunal that a system of "reserved posts" is not justified in law.

Glasgow City Council said it will study the judgement and consider its legal options. However, if the ruling is upheld the outcome of this case has potentially far reaching implications for the appointment of teachers at denominational schools and the influence of the Church on state schools in the UK.

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10 Mar 2006