Lobby urges Catholics to target local MPs

The Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin) has launched its election campaign for the 2007 federal election urging Catholics to target local members.

"Policy change rests on local action. PolMin encourages people to let their local member and candidates know their views - it's the key to change", said Regina Lane, PolMin's National Coordinator.

"In recent years Australia has gone backwards in its respect for human rights. PolMin seeks to influence decision makers to uphold our international human rights obligations, including protecting the rights of asylum seekers and refugees and adhering to the Millennium Development Goals. We must also join with the rest of the international community in facing the reality of climate change and sign onto the Kyoto Protocol".

"The threat posed to our civil liberties from recent anti-terror legislation, the rolling back of rights in the workplace and the ongoing disadvantage experienced by Indigenous Australians adds great urgency to the need for a Bill of Rights in Australia".

"Our aim is to lobby those who have influence in these areas, and resource and support people to take local action for the common good. As a not-for-profit organisation, PolMin seeks to work with the support of the community to carry out this work", Lane said.

PolMin, a Catholic lobby based in Melbourne, seeks to influence public policy for the common good in accordance with principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

It will host a discussion on the proposal for a Bill of Rights with Zifcak, President of the Australian section of the International Commission of Jurists, on 8 March 2006 in Parkville, Melbourne. It recently launched a new website www.polmin.com.au and membership drive to encourage grassroots action.

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7 Mar 2006